Inbound Call Center

Digital Infosys offers Inbound Customer Services which is available 24/7 round the year...

Outbound Call Center

Digital Infosys is equipped with robust and reliable infrastructure to manage the processes of our clients...

BPO Services

Digital Info is fast growing provider of high quality domestic customer contact center services...


Voice Services

Digital Infosys specializes in providing the latest concept of Voice Services for its valuable Clients across the World.

With Our Dedicated Voice Services, You can enjoy services of

1) Click to Call
2) Hosted IVR Solution
3) Bulk Voice Messages
4) Virtual Receptionist -Virtual Receptionist is a phone service that answers and routes your calls. Powerful Concept of having a personal assistant round the clock for 365 days
5) Conference Solution -With our Conference system ,you get a personal number where you and your colleagues and clients can hold a secure conference.
6) Group Calls – With our Group Calls system, iwe provide instant group communication using mobiles for emergency and routine notifications


CLICK TO CALL is a powerful concept through which you can convert your potential customers instantly.

CLICK TO CALL button can be added on any page of the website for establishing a voice call between your website visitor and company representative instantly.

Benefits of Click to Call

1 Enhances Website Functionality
2 Customer is at Ease ; as just by filling a form he will receive a Free Call Back
3 Quick Call Connection enhances the chances of turning hot leads into sales.
4 Cheap and Effective Solution
5 Easy Setup with No H/W installation
6 Proper Call Reports.
7 Prepaid System ( Credits are Valid for Year Long)

2) Hosted IVR Solution

Digital Infosys delivers Interactive Voice Response software and relevant systems, and expertise that companies of all sizes rely on to simplify their global communications and improve their customers' self-service experience.

Hosted IVR offers businesses of all sizes the most cost-effective and reliable way to deploy IVR solutions both locally and internationally. We provide a versatile hosted IVR infrastructure that scales seamlessly to grow with your business needs.

No need to invest on any telephonic hardware or software

  • Quick and easy set up.
  • High Interaction Level
  • Ability of customer talking to Company Representative live through this system.
  • Can act as hosted call center

IVR System can reduce turn-around time and can increase customer satisfaction.

3) Bulk Voice Messages

Bulk Voice Messaging is one of the best voice based solution for direct interaction with the customers . The user can upload a voice message along with list of telephone numbers to our website server and the voice messages would be delivered to those telephone numbers instantly and simultaneously.

Benefits of Voice Messages:

1. Personalized and Direct Marketing.
2. Proper Reporting System
3. Web Based Application
4. API Integration

Ideal solution for Personalized Marketing for
  • Political campaign
  • Event notifications
  • Stock alerts
  • Appointment reminders
  • Medicine remainders
  • Seasonal Greetings
  • Any Customized Outbound Call