What is ad posting job?
Job is relatively very simple and high paid. The job is about posting classified ads in the provided admin panel link. Publishers have to put the classified ads from newspapers , magazines and other resources in the admin panel

What are the basic requirements to get started?

  1. Computer with Internet Connection
  2. Good Computer and typing skills
  3. English language Understanding.


 Is there any minimum target to be achieved?
No, there is no minimum target to be achieved .But, do remember that more you work more you will earn. If you work with proper concentration and follow the basics, you can really earn high amount.

How many hours can I work?
You can work as many hours you want. More postings you will do, more earning you can do. But , there are no minimum and maximum targets to be achieved .

How much can I earn ?
Your earning depends on the time you want to work. Agents with average speed and reading skills makes 500- 800 approved postings in a day. Better agents who follow all necessary and basic guidelines do make more than 1200 approved postings in a shift. Experienced agents have reached above 1800 postings mark.

When will be I paid?
We prefer making payments monthly but the payment cycle will be shortened after a quality work of 2-3 months

How will I know about my performance?
You will be provided with proper interface which will indicate your total postings and approved postings.

Will we be provided with training material?
Yes! You will be provided with proper training manual and regular updates. You will be also provided with sample ad posting video.